Chain Mortising Machine

MC30 MC40   MC50  
Machine essential in the carpentry.
It can make mortises on door and window posts of different lengths and depths.
The working head slides on ground round bars with the assistance of precision self-lubricating bushes and self-cleaning scrapers, which provides a great solidity and work precision, with a minimum movement’s effort.
All the models let the work table tilted and the head rotating, there is an oil pump, the safety device on control lever, a splinter guard and chips suction opening.
They are equipped with fix revolver stops on the longitudinal carriage, depth stops on the head vertical movement

Operating head MC30,
revolvering depth slot stops, chips suction opening

Operating head MC40 - 50,
revolvering depth slot stops, quick chain streeching device, chips suction opening

Rotating head (on all type)

Work table titled (on all type) with lifting hand-wheel on mod. MC40 and opening system.

Work table lifting hand - wheel and door on rest on mod. MC50, opening system.
  Manual chain sharpening system (only for machines NO - CE)
Front boring unit (only on mod. MC50)


I’t’s possibile to fit the pneumatic clamp on all the models.

AUTOMATIC HEAD SINKING in the models MC40 and MC50:
with hydropneumatic piston, depth limit switch, adjustable cams, pedal control and pneumatic vice.

In the MC50 model is possible request the application of a drilling group