Automatic Edgebanding Machine with chain feed

Bordatrice automatica con vasca a colla serie KC 80 C




Avanzamento a cingolo Rullo spalmacolla Rulli di pressione bordo Intestatore a lame circolari  Refilatori in Widia   

  • Applies edges in coil up to 3 mm and in stripes up to 10 mm

  • Glue pot (approx. 2 Kg) with glue spreader roller unit

  • Logic functioning controlled by PLC

  • Chain feeding system 10 m/min and top bar with double row of rubber rollers

  • Automatic strip feeder

  • Pneumatic edge cutting shears from coil (max. 3 mm)

  • Pressure roller unit with numerical indicator for position of rollers, 1st motorized roller large diameter, 2nd and 3rd roller with opposite taper

  • Digital thermoregulator to check the glue melting temperature

  • Front & rear end trimming unit with single motor (straight cut 0)

  • End trim motor Kw 0,27 200 Hz -12000 g/1

  • Cutterheads 75  with radius 3mm and bevelled knives (R=2 mm upon request)

  • Flush trim motors Kw 0,35 200 Hz 12000 RPM

  • Front extensible support with rollers

  • Roller tape coil support 800 mm

  • Rear closure with noise reduction foam and dust collector 120 mm

  • CE norms



Guida in entrata riscaldabile Spazzole di pulizia

  • Heatable panel infeed fence

  • Scraping unit with 3 mm radius (2 mm radius upon request)

  • Buffing unit with independent motors 3000 RPM 150 mm

  • Double blade end trimming unit, straight and tilted cut at 0 or 20 with manual selector

  • Thermoregulator with automatic stand-by

  • N 2 Flush trim motors HF Kw 0,50 200 Hz 12000 RPM

  • N 2 Flush trim motors HF Kw 0,73 200 Hz 12000 RPM


Technical data:

Workpiece thicknessmm 10 - 45
Coiled edges thickness capacitymm  0,4 - 3
Strip edges thickness capacitymmup to 10
Net weightkg835